Press Brake

One of the most skilled operations in the sheet metal manufacturing industry is the operating and setting of press brakes, which if you are a low batch manufacturer could increase your non value added time significantly. Skill shortages for this operation don’t help and when you consider that you could easily have 2-3 press brakes feeding from one profile cutting machine along with the fact you may spend longer setting the machine than producing! It becomes a clear area for opportunities to increase throughput, improve quality metrics and ultimately drive down cost.
“Why is Press Brake Operation so Skilled?”
There are few factors involved, a key area is having a good skilled operator with lot of experience with working out bend cycle and having a clear understanding of tooling and types along with a detailed knowledge of the machine capabilities.
“So what improvement options are their?”
More modern press brakes are capable of supporting offline programming, which are usually shipped with the manufactures own brand software, however this is really only effective if you only use one supplier for profile cutting and bending and don’t ever plan on changing as the result will be multiple software packages which in turn increases your front end time and makes it harder to keep your skill set at a consistent level within the business
“What can we do to help?”
The MetaCAM and MetaBEND products from Metamation are designed around sheet metal cutting and bending operations and support a very large range of machines that are in today’s market. These products also fully support the significant changes with more use of 3D software’s such as SolidWORKS ©, SolidEDGE © and Autodesk Inventor © to design parts. These formats along with a multitude of other ones can be directly imported and can easily create bending programs along with tooled parts and nests.
“What are the Real Benefits?”
Easily run manufacturing viability checks before instigating time and materials making proto-types.
Work with 3D formatted files so you can view the parts as they were designed without loss of information with converting to a 2D format.
Quickly calculate bending programs for modern and older press breaks with a variety of export methods.
One software solution for bending and cutting for your business.
One software solution that is designed and developed by one company, no rebranding and no additional interfaces, gadgets, gizmos or widgets to get things to work.
“Contact Us”
If you would like to discuss options or arrange a demonstration then let us know as we are here to help.
Metamation leading the industry in innovative sheet metal CAD / CAM solutions.

Sharpe Prodcts

password-protected; get in touch with them first). Reduced to functional descriptions, this is how the company describes the process: “MetaBEND can start working from 3D models designed in our native 3D
modeler or imported from other 3D software like Solidworks, Solidedge, Autodesk Inventor etc. MetaBend will automatically assign punch and dies,position back-gauges, and compute an optimal bend sequence based on the model. “The interactive graphical tools allow you to customize bend setups, position back-gauges and resequence bend operations. “The Bend Overview window shows you a comprehensive status of the bend tooling assigned to the active model. The software allows centralized control over tooling, gauging and sequencing operations to completely program the part. “MetaBEND can generate custom setup sheets showing step wise

skills that have been accumulated over years of experience and systematizing them with a computer process that winds up with a simulation, and then controls the actual functions. Is that a fair way to put it?” Andy approves this description, but it still isn’t adequate. As Andy describes the process,
you can imagine he’s picturing in his head…not the press brake functions so much as the flow of data and the operator’s interaction with the screen graphics. Periodically, something physical happens: you mount a tool, position a workpiece against a backstop, make a bend, and so on. The data goes in, helps you plan
and control the machine, and data comes out. This is where dealing with highly integrated solutions needs a demonstration. It is not a linear, step-by-step process. But it produces a set of step-by-step instructions for the operator. Video is good for this. Metamation has some on their website (they’re

Bending Bottlenecks?

It can be hard to put your arms around this much front-to-back software integration. Metamation bills itself as a CAD/CAM software company that makes products for the fabrication industry, but it integrates
data so thoroughly among the modules that you can progress from quoting and 3D product design to a range of ERP functions. Produce a part model in their MetaCAD module, or import one from other CAD software, and the system produces nesting programs; CNC programs to run your machines; simulation; estimating; inventory control; scheduling; and reports on how your operators are doing. As they say on TV, “but wait,
there’s more.” The entire package, an enterprise solution, is oriented towards figuring out what each
machine will do and then figuring out the best workflow, from start to finish, with features along the way
including 3D CAD, calculating things like bend allowances and collision problems, all the while being aware
of the cutting rates of your lasers, your punch presses, your waterjets, or whatever, and then planning just how

to schedule your mix of jobs while the whole integrated system is avoiding bottlenecks…and keeping you informed of all that’s going on through your smart phone. From a beach in the Bahamas, perhaps. But back to controlling press brakes: “What we’re doing is adding a little more science (as opposed to art) to press brake operations,” says Andy Chakraborty, VP of Metamation, Inc. “Once you’ve done the nesting, you
pull the part program back to a 3D representation in your computer, find the best bending sequence from the algorithm spread within the computer, select the tool and the die, and let the computer figure the bend reduction. We’re computing with a lot of information. “With on-screen graphics, we can show the operator, ‘Okay, this is how to do the job, this is what the tool looks like, what the die looks like, this is how the datum should be,’ We give him a simulation on the screen. And managers can just follow the reports offline.”We suggest a way to describe it: “So, you’re taking a lot of the subtle

From drag-and-drop part models to nesting, laser,punch press, and press brake modules, and even to a sheet-metal ERP system, with this software built on a 3D CAD kernel. This is the press-brake section

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Metamation to offer “PIP Kit” with “Maintenance Program”

Metamation Inc in a latest press release has stated that they are very excited about its “TOOLKIT” for “Production Improvements” or “PIP Kit” to its existing Customer BaseMetamation Inc has states that its “Annual Maintenance Contract” for its flagship product “MetaCAM” will not only come with “Regular Support” for its customers, but also an added toolkit which seamlessly integrates with “MetaCAM”. This toolkit will consist of the following modules:
CAD Exploder
Automatically segregate individual parts from assemblies into single parts and within few minutes separate these CAD files containing “Multiple parts” into individual parts.
No need to copy, paste, tool and sequence by hand.
Estimator (Costing)
Now with a few clicks calculate the costs of part or layout in MetaCAMand print a report
MetaworksAuto Importer
Quicklycreate production jobs starting from a ERP spread sheet
Toolkit ties these orders to MetaCAM for quick and automatic creation of MetaCAM nest jobs
No more errors due to manual double entry
Auto Tooler
Save programming time by automatically processing and subsequently programing the CAD files
Define multiple workflows that would be invoked for different machines that will assign laser or punch tooling to a part or a group of parts
Simply point to a folder of DXF files and Metaworks Auto Tool will tool each part, check for errors and generate asummary report
Report Generator
Manage and quickly setup work flows to deliver these production file to the appropriate work centers
Improve programing productivity by:
Going from programming to NC code with a few clicks
Technical Support Manager “Andrew Magana” says that this “PIP Toolkit” will benefit customers in their daily Operations by complementing “MetaCAM” and increase productivity
Metamation Inc is a leading provider of CAD CAM technology for Sheet Metal Fabrication. Its other products include offline programing solutions for laser, punch, plasma, oxyfuel, waterjet amongst others. Metamation also has an integrated “Enterprise” solution which is an Integrated Production Environment (IPE) that manages and automates production from a single window.
You can also contact us by calling 775 826 1717 and dial 1 for “support”

AWS Weldmex-Fabtech-Metalform Expo 2013 in Monterrey, Mexico.

Euroblech 2012

Metamation participated in Euroblech 2012, one of the leading sheet metal exhibitions in Europe. The exhibition was widely attended by over 60,000 visitors from all over the world to see products displayed by over 1500 different exhibitors. Some of the latest technologies in sheet metal were on display from exhibitors from over 39 countries. Metamation was well represented in the show and attracted a good foot fall with visitors from Europe, Middle East, Africa and South America. Metamation displayed its flag ship MetaCAM(laser & punch), MetaCUT (plasma), MetaJET (waterjet) and MetaBEND (press brake) CAM software as a single stop solution for all CNC sheet metal processing machines.